My name is Brandon Holiday and I am the Executive Director of Athletes with Disabilities Network Northeast ( provide mentoring and outreach and adaptive sports programs for disabled veterans, first responders and physically and intellectually challenged youth and adults.

We provide mentors who visit newly injured people in the hospitals and rehab facilities. We assist the person facing the injury by pairing them with a similarly disabled persons who provides them with available resources like grants, support groups and programs that will benefit them in their recovery. We then use our adaptive sporting events to aid in the healing process. Our events create opportunities for interactions in social settings with other disabled members, their families and other mentors. This allows the newly injured person to see a better quality of life is possible and expand preconceived notions of disability and focuses on the abilities of what a person can achieve.

Transportation plays an important role in the programs we provide because we have to transport participants who have limited access to transportation and adaptive sporting equipment.  We have grown as an organization and now have to tow a larger trailer to provide the services and assist some of the families by providing transportation to bring them to our events and our partner’s events. 

We have a great opportunity to purchase a vehicle that would fill the need to be able to tow the larger trailer and transport participants and their families.  The cost of the vehicle is $10,000 and is a 2007 Chevy Tahoe with a third row seat and 60,000 miles on it.   We have raised $1,100 so far. This is one of two vehicles that we are in need of and is a great start and price to help us help others. 

Any help in being able to raise the funds or through donations will be helping the communities we serve.

Here are some of the organizations that we provide clinics to. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Shriners Children's Hospital, Nemours AI Dupont Children's Hospital, Philadelphia Veterans Medical Center, Bronx, East Orange VA in NJ and Gloucester City Veterans office, Beechwood Neurorehab and many other schools and facilities.

Donations assist us with providing our mentoring and outreach program in addition to purchasing adaptive sports equipment, trailers and providing these sports to the region.  

Sports Programing 

  • Introduce all patients and their families to Olympic and Paralympic Sports through SportsAbility Clinics and Partner events Run-Bike-Swim (KidzTri3)
  • Adaptive fitness clinics
  • Recreational and Sprint Kayaking (ADN-NEC/TRR)
  • Sit Volleyball (PCAS/ADN-NEC/CAF)
  • Rowing(Camden Boathouse)
  • Wheelchair basketball (Magee Rehabilitation Hosp/ADN)
  • Wheelchair Tennis(USTA/ADN)
  • Standup Tennis (USTA)
  • Boccia Ball (ADN-NEC)                                                                               
  •  Air Rifle 10mm
  • Swimming (ADN-NEC)                                                                                
  •   Archery
  • Adaptive Cycling (visual impairments, physical disabilities) (PCAS)
  • Running Clinics (Challenges Athletes-CAF)
  • Loaner equipment program(TBD)



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